Don’t get a desk job, work as a freelancer

It was not so long ago that the majority of personnel do their Jobs traditionally 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We usually start a job in early 20’s and then stayed there for years, ideally until we get retired.

Nowadays, the workforce is much more structured and modernized. Although most people are still engaged in some kind of traditional work, other types of work job natures are rapidly gaining popularity. For example, you would be surprised to note that one-third of US workforce are doing freelance work at their homes with no strict adherence.

The Internet has made searching for a job faster, easier and more efficient. While people looking for work in previous generations were limited to advertisements in newspapers and physical CVs disappeared, Internet has greatly facilitated the process of identifying and applying for jobs.

As a freelancer, you are not restricted to do the work with a company. You don’t need to follow the rules, timings, and culture of an organization. You are free from Physical, mental and emotional stress. Such kind of flexibility gives rise a lot of benefits in your daily routine life. Working as a freelancer, you can best use your abilities against a specific task and services effectively and efficiently to the organization.


Freelancing Startups

Freelancing is beneficial for both Employers as well as the Freelancer.

For employer:  Freelancing allows them to hire someone with a special ability to complete a short-term project neglecting the expense and effort of adding a full-time employee. There can be another scenario, like the possibility of adding people to handle an additional project or a seasonal workload.

For Freelancer:  Most often, it’s about the freedom to be your own boss and have more confidence in the kind of work you do. In most of the professions, it can also be much more lucrative. In addition, some people simply do not thrive in a business environment. Independent professionals can generally avoid most of the office policies and social complications associated with 9 to 5 office work.

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I’m Hameed Asghar, a Freelance Entrepreneur / Startup Consultant and the founder at FreelancingStartup.com.

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